Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhogs day and a little bit of Shadow tag!!!

All day my kids kept reminding me that today was groundhogs day and that I promised we would get to go out and wake the we did by playing a little bit of shadow tag after completing our groundhog graphing activities. The best part about the graphing activities was my kids had no clue we were doing math. When I said, "well that was math for today!" They all replied..."You tricked was that math?" Oh it was great they were all learning and really into collecting their data that they forgot they were doing math. I still haven't told you the best part of our groundhog activities...I love running so anytime we have PE time I play with them! Well, they all wanted to catch my shadow so I was running away and ran straight into a mud! They thought it was great! Oh what a wonderful day in First grade.

Today we also talked about if we preferred cold weather or warm...well we are Californians so I am sure you can make a good prediction on which my students preferred....

We are off the charts Warm Weather kind of people. You can't tell in this photo but each student wrote their name in the hat so that friends could read the graph and see you likes what....They were really into it. Along with graph I am having the students write a personal narrative about their favorite weather. When out writing process is complete I will share that with you. Stayed tuned for more groundhog activities!


Dave and Linds

love this idea! thanks for sharing :)

btw, it's my first year in first grade too! love it and i am so glad i came across your blog!


Cute! My vote goes to warm weather, definitely!

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