Monday, January 31, 2011

A little Sight Word Help

I am having some little kiddos, who seem to just not remember all of their sight words. So with the help of my amazing mentor teacher we have created a new tool to help them. Each day we will choose 10 words to focus on. Each day the students will write the word and then use it in a complete sentence. So here is the cover and the inside cover, which, is a list of their first 100 sight words! We will be stapling half sheets of newsprint for them to write on. Once they have completed this book they will begin the next! When I have that cover and word list ready...I will be posting! For now enjoy the first 100 Sight Words!

That is my Toad

Our story this week is, "That is my Toad!" My students are loving the sight word pocket chart activities and I am seeing great improvement in their reading. Here is this weeks activity....I have also included Long O words spelled "oa" and "ow"! All you do is laminate and cut out the pieces and hide a toad behind the log. Students must say the word correctly before they may look behind the logs for the toad. The student who finds the toad is the winner. I have provided you with 6 toads but I only use one to make the game a little tricky.  I hope you enjoy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

100 days of School

I think today was not only the 100th day of school but the craziest day of one student share, "I wish school could be like this everyday!!" Well it was a lot of fun and my students brought some amazing 100 day collections. Here they are:

100 piece puzzle of one of my favorite movie....Toy Story 3!

This project was awesome! 100 penguins waddling around the Antarctic with a South Pole! This was great because this week was our penguin week. According to the student's parents she was very determined to create something we were actually learning about.

Tomorrow I will post their: When I am 100 year old self-portraits and if I had 100 dollar writing! I am also going to be spending the weekend creating some compound word activities, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Complete Sentence Practice

At our school we have ELD deployment time. This is when we get a different group of kids and we focus strictly on their language development. For this week, I have made a word detective worksheet using this weeks sight words. If you use Houghton Mifflin these words are from Theme 6 Week 3! I hope that this is useful to you! Sight Word Detective


This week we are learning all about Penguins and I am using some of the wonderful worksheets from Deanna Jumps Penguin Unit! So far the kids are loving it! We will be making our Penguin book covers tomorrow so I will snap a couple of pictures to let you know how they turn out! I have also made a google earth video to help my students understand just how far and how cold it is in Antarctica.....Let's hope they enjoy the trip! My kids are making there book covers tomorrow using this template to create their Penguin. I made this using mostly hearts and ovals. Each piece is a different part of the penguin....enjoy. Penguin Art Template
 They turned out so cute and what the kids loved the most was that they were made of hearts!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Directional Writing about Snowmen

I have not seen my students have as much fun writing this year! I started the week talking about snow and snowmen and then I asked my student to tell me how should I make a snowman. They loved giving me directions. After following their directions, I had drawn a beautiful snowman. This is when it was now their turn to tell me how to write about it and for them to make one giant snowman together. As the week went on, I had them keep writing about how to build a snowman until they were able to do this all on their own. Here is a picture of our class snowman!
I love his giant carrot nose!

This week we will doing all things Penguin (this is our class mascot), the kids are very excited to learn all about our friend Waddles!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Day

Well....I have been home alone all weekend so this meant that I would have some time to create! For all you teacher who use HM I have created a pocket chart game with Theme 6 Week 1 and 2 sight words and some long e words. The activity is based on the story EEK! There's a Mouse in the House! Place the homes in the pocket chart and place 6 mice behind any give house. Have students come up and say the word on the house and if they say it correctly have them lift the house to look for the mouse. Repeat this until all mice are found. This will be posted as a google document tomorrow!